Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have been feeling lots of love the last few weeks.

First of all, I've been cuddling my friend S's sweet new baby a few days the last week. Did you know that baby hiccups are really cute? Well, let me tell you, they are.

Over the last few weeks I've also been getting messages from friends from different parts of my life, whether it be from my exchange to Hong Kong, from my studies in Lund, or old family friends, telling me and the fiance that they have booked tickets to come to our wedding. How awesome is that? Copenhagen is quite a ways away from New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and Melbourne. I'm so happy and so thankful that we have such amazing friends who want to celebrate our wedding with us and I'm so looking forward to getting married and having one big friend reunion. Seriously, so excited to see all of my friends together, in one place. It's going to be the best.

The fiance has also been super sweet and has planned a two day trip to Aarhus for us in April right before Easter. He's been wanting to show me different parts of Denmark and I'm excited to see the other side of the country. Living in Scandinavia the past few years I've been more interested in traveling to other cities in Europe than exploring the countries that I've been living in myself. I've heard that Aarhus is a lovely city and it'll be fun to go on a mini getaway!

How have you been lately?


  1. Baby hiccups are so sweet! I recently met my friends' little 2 month old, and oh my gosh, those hiccups never ended.

    1. They are the sweetest! And I love how it doesn't annoy them like it does grown ups... :)