Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aarhus, You Were a Lovely Surprise!

The fiance took me on a two day trip to Aarhus this week. I have been wanting to see more of Denmark and having lived here for almost two years, it was about time! I had low expectation going to Aarhus, like really low. I've heard some people compare it to Malmö and having lived in the center of Malmö myself, I wasn't expecting very much. But Aarhus was such a lovely surprise!

We took the train from Copenhagen really early in the morning so that we would have a full day in Aarhus. We rode the fast train which didn't make very many stops plus it was nice way to see some of the countryside. We dropped off our bag at City Hotel Oasia where we stayed the night, and started to wander around the city.

We walked through Midtbyen in Aarhus where Strøget and the shopping area is located. The sun was shining the two days we were visiting the city so there were many people sitting outside by the canals which run through the center of town and down to the harbor.

We also explored the neighborhood Frederikbjerg. We basically ate all of our meals at different restaurants and cafes in that neighborhood on Jægergårdsgade. (More to come on that later!) We also visited Kähler's flagship store in Frederiksbjerg and enjoyed some frozen yogurt from their coffee shop, Kähler Coffee and Food Station. I love and have a good collection of Kähler items and Aarhus is like Kähler capital! I saw an Omaggio vase or some other piece in every other apartment window!

We also visited the Latin Quarter of Aarhus on our first day in the city. We strolled past various cafes and independent art galleries and studios on Mejlgade. We eventually made our way past the architecture school there before calling it a day and resting our feet at the hotel for a little bit before going out for dinner.

Aarhus is a beautiful and lively city. It really exceeded my expectations. I loved the colorful apartment buildings by Jægergårdsgade. They were just so fun and happy. Some of the apartment buildings in Frederiksbjerg are very grand and ornate, and the fiance and I thought it reminded us of Östermalm in Stockholm. We enjoyed great food the two days we were in the city and I'll share where we had dinner with you this week! There are a lot of green spaces in the city and the canal was such a great place to just sit back and people watch. I can definitely see how Aarhus and Copenhagen have a rivalry going on. And although Aarhus is a little small for me, I do see why people there love their city so much!

Have you visited Aarhus before? What'd you think? What was your favorite thing about the city? I'll be back later this week/weekend with posts about where we ate and our trip to Aros Art Museum as well!


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    1. you'll have lots of time to visit when you move here! :)