Friday, April 18, 2014

Dinner and Cocktails at St. Pauls Apothek

Before going to Aarhus, we got some recommendations for places to eat and I did some of my own research as well. I found this blog and read a great review of St. Pauls Apothek so I showed it to the fiance and we saved it as one of our options. After comparing some of the menus from different restaurants in the city, we decided to make a reservation at St. Pauls Apothek.

St. Pauls Apothek stands out because they pair cocktails with each dish. You can choose between two or three courses, and choose to have all courses paired with a cocktail or just have one or two drinks with certain courses.

Every thing that we ate was delicious and very high quality. We both started with the jomfruhummer (also known as norway lobster or langoustine) which was mixed with cucumber, a yogurt dressing and served with a quail egg and lots of fresh herbs. The accompanying cocktail was a light and refreshing mix of honey vodka, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, and cava.

For our main course, we both ordered the Danish ribeye. The meat was soft and cooked perfectly to medium and it was served on a bed of mashed potatoes. What really kicked it up a notch was their sauce bordelaise. That sauce was amazing! I chose to skip out on the cocktail pairing for this round but the fiance enjoyed a more savory cocktail that consisted of gin, a red wine and balsamic vinegar reduction and rosemary. There are so many ingredients in their cocktails, I can't remember them all but hopefully you get the idea.

Dessert is where the fiance and I finally chose different dishes. I had St. Pauls Apothek's version of carrot cake while the fiance ordered a dark chocolate mousse. My carrot cake was really interesting as they had incorporated pureed carrots and dehydrated carrots to the dessert. They served the light sponge cake with a cream cheese frosting and some caramelized condensed milk as well. The cocktail that went with this dessert was a daiquiri that consisted of rum and the more sour fruit seabuckthorn. The fiance had the dark chocolate mousse with candied lemon peel and some licorice meringue. He said that compared to the other two dishes his mousse wasn't amazing, but still really good. It was just that everything else was so good! I wish I could tell you what was in the fiance's dessert cocktail but all I remember is taking one sip and not liking it because there was a strong licorice flavor. But I can tell you he liked it!

Besides the food, I loved the interior of St. Pauls Apothek. I loved the brick walls and the sort of old world feel it had to it. Another bonus was that the bartenders/servers were super friendly and provided excellent service. And lastly, not being a big fan of wine (what?! I know...) pairing cocktails with food was a nice twist. The fiance and I sat at the restaurant for over two hours and enjoyed every minute of it!

Definitely make a reservation for dinner or enjoy a cocktail at St. Pauls Apothek the next time you are in Aarhus!

St. Pauls Apothek
Jægergårdsgade 76
8000 Aarhus C


  1. This looks so good!!
    Great pics Karen!

    1. Thanks Matt! :) There is just so much good food in this country!