Friday, April 11, 2014

My Workout Routine

I know I post a lot of recipes here that are in the form of a cookie or cake, and although I do enjoy treats a few times a week, I do also try to live a balanced life.

I go to the gym three times a week and mostly focus on strength training workouts. I take either a TRX or a Body Pump class at the local gym and throw in a bit of cardio on the elliptical and do a few extra weight training exercises with some free weights or machines. I've had gym memberships before and that didn't last long mostly because I wasn't so motivated to work out on my own and I was mostly using machines. But with classes, it is totally different. Even though I don't know anyone, it is more motivating to be in a room with 20 other people and have a instructor continuously encouraging you to work harder.

Strength training is totally addictive. I'm not in the gym to lose weight. I am training to get stronger, gain muscle and definition, and get my heart pumping. Before my gym started offering TRX classes, I was going to Body Pump classes twice a week and a Stram Op (or "Tighten Up") class. Body Pump is a class that focuses on a lower amount of weight with high repetitions to build lean muscles. I love Body Pump but I feel like it has been difficult for me to increase or up the amount of weights I use because you do so, so, so many reps with each track. Then they started offering TRX suspension classes and there you learn how to lift or work out using your own bodyweight. In that class, I feel even stronger because I know I am lifting much more weight compared to what I use in Body Pump, and I can do it! Both classes leave me feeling super energized and I was never really into gym music before, but sometimes I find myself looking up the songs on Spotify! I told the fiance the other day, that I'm living in a constant state of soreness. A good sore!

Have you tried Body Pump or TRX? Are you into strength training? Have you seen changes with strength training?

(I know I put food pictures in this post, but it's because I don't have any gym photos! Gym selfies aren't really my thing :))


  1. Girl, we need to be work out buddies! You know I love Body Pump and have been doing it for years. You are right. It is addictive because feeling good just feels sooo good! :-) I'm glad you are enjoying it, too!

    1. We should totally be work out buddies ;) Have you tried TRX yet? I love it. Maybe even a bit more than Body Pump! And seriously, I don't know how you can handle so many things with going to the gym, 3 kids, blog and work. You are amazing!