Monday, April 28, 2014

That Summertime Feeling


The last two weekends in Copenhagen have been absolutely amazing. The sun has been shining, the temperatures have risen, and that summertime feeling has arrived. It's so refreshing having fresh air traveling through the apartment, being able to finally dig out all of my favorite t-shirts, and best of all, being able to enjoy going outside! This past weekend the fiance and I stopped by Ipsen & Co. for some lemonade and ginger ale before meeting up with a friend of ours, grabbing some ice cream, and having dinner outside in our backyard. Last night the fiance and I made a quick dinner and took our plates down to the yard again just because we could. I'm looking forward to many evenings outside in the backyard this spring and summer. 

How was your weekend? Are you getting that summertime feeling yet?


  1. THE WEATHER. Oh my goodness! It just makes me want to sit outside eating olives and drinking lemonade. I hope it lasts forever <3

    1. It is amazing isn't it! And lemonade would have been perfect for today! ;) Lemonade meet up one of these days Amy?