Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leeds, You are Pretty Delicious!

The fiance and I just got back from a long weekend in Leeds! My youngest sister is currently on exchange there so we thought it would be fun to visit her while she is living there. It was my first time actually visiting (and not just flying through) an English city so I was really looking forward to the trip. This is going to be a total food post, just so you know now ;)

We had a lovely time there enjoying as many "British" things as we could. We started our day on Saturday with a full English breakfast at The Greedy Pig followed by an afternoon coffee/hot chocolate/tea at Mrs. Atha's. Being a fan of Jamie Oliver, we went out to dinner at Jamie's Italian on Saturday evening. I really liked the atmosphere at Jamie's Italian, the customer service was superb (something I really miss here in Copenhagen), and the food was delicious. 

On Sunday morning, the fiance and I stopped for coffee and a light breakfast at Laynes Espresso. I started my day with a cappuccino and some sourdough toast while the fiance was a little more daring and tried their Welsh Rarebit. A buttery, stout, cheddar cheese, marmite mixture on toast just isn't my thing but the fiance really enjoyed it! I also tried their salted caramel shortbread bar, and one word, amazing. Seriously, oozy caramel, buttery shortbread! How can you not love that? I'm going to attempt recreating that delicious little treat and I'll definitely share when I've mastered it! Besides Laynes Espresso, we enjoyed a Sunday roast lunch at a pub in Headingly, just a little ways from Leeds city center. It was my first Yorkshire pudding ever and I really enjoyed it! It actually reminded me of a Chinese fried dough type thing. We also stopped for a cream tea at Costellos Bakery. After having a full lunch, we somehow found a way to have a scone topped with strawberry jam and clotted cream and it was so worth it. Those scones, they are dangerous! To cap off the day, we shared a delicious and super spicy Indian meal at Miah's Kitchen back in the city center. 

We had a half day in Leeds yesterday and we took it pretty easy. We had lunch and hung out at Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for a little bit. My sister took us up to the patio where she hangs out with her friends quite a bit on the sunnier days and we could totally understand why. Patio life is pretty awesome up there! And to finish off our trip, we stopped by for one last cup of Yorkshire tea and one last delicious scone before we made our way back to Copenhagen at Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom

And that was how we ate our way through Leeds! 

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