Sunday, May 4, 2014

We Made Kimchi!

Yesterday afternoon, the fiance and I met up with our friend Y and we made kimchi! The fiance tried some Korean food in Vancouver and really enjoyed it and since Y has been in Copenhagen, we've been getting to taste more and more things.

I wish I could tell you exactly how to make this kimchi but we didn't really follow a recipe and the fiance and I just followed Y's instructions. But basically you need a lot of garlic, some ginger, a few heads of napa cabbage, a large daikon radish, a lot of Korean chili powder, a little bit of sugar, some chopped spring onions, a few tablespoons of glutinous rice flour heated up with some water, and some preserved baby Korean shrimps and its juice. There are many recipes online so I'm sure you'll find some good ones out there!

We are letting the kimchi sit on the counter for another day or so for it to ferment before we put it into the fridge. I'm really excited to actually taste the kimchi! I tried a bit of the chili sauce yesterday and it was really hot! Have you tried kimchi and do you like it? Plus it is super healthy for you.

If you want to make kimchi here in Copenhagen, Den Kinesiske Købmand sells the Korean chili powder and you can easily find the napa cabbage (kinakål in Danish) and the daikon radish at Føtex as well!


  1. Woooo! I love "fresh" kimchi.

    I just went away for the weekend and a friend made a huge pot of kimchi jiggae. Mmmm. It was tasty.

    1. I am loving it too! Going to try making some kimchi fried rice tonight :)

    2. Kimchi bokkeumbap! That sounds great. I think I'm going to try cooking only Korean food for a month after I run out of Indian spices. Bibimbap and kimchi bokkeumbap will probably be the ones I go to the most, but I'm also looking forward to eating a ton of pork dipped in sesame oil, salt, and red pepper paste and wrapped in lettuce. Naengmyun is good too. I wonder if I can make that at home? Most likely yes.

    3. oooh the lettuce wraps sounds really good! you'll have to share a recipe Marina! :)