Thursday, June 12, 2014

C'est La Vie

Living in a different country, culture, and society, there are some aspects of the people and how things are here that I will just never understand. It is so hard not to compare people I know and culture here in Copenhagen with my friends, what I do and what I am used to at home. I thought it would get easier and I thought that I would eventually get used to some things I have encountered here, but sometimes you just never will. Some days it is easier for me to say "okay that is how they do things here" and just suck it up and other days I'm just like "what is wrong with them!!!". Anyways, that was my little thought for today. Expat problems. But really, I just wanted to show off those dreamy petals from my peonies last week!

Oh and I pretty much love this song. My life in Denmark in a song?!

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