Sunday, June 15, 2014

This Week's Flowers

We helped out at our apartment's "work day" yesterday. I had the job of clipping some of the rose bushes that were getting too wild in our backyard. We knew it wasn't the proper pruning season but still wanted to tame them a bit. Plus most of the roses were past their prime.

These gorgeous white roses were some of my casualties. The delicate petals and the lovely rose scent that they give off is just delightful. I wish we had our own garden where I could grow my own flowers and bring them in to our home when they are in season. Maybe one day. I do love reading about how it is to run a flower farm over at Floret. Endless blooms, all year round. How lovely! I told the finace yesterday that maybe my alternate, alternate career could be to be a gardener?

Hope you've been having an awesome weekend!

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