Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wedding On My Mind

With just a little over three weeks until our wedding, most of my days are filled with wedding prep. I am currently packaging our wedding favors, finding music for our wedding processional, and planning other wedding related events.

On a not wedding related note, I picked some elderflower last weekend and made our own elderflower cordial! I normally don't really care for the elderflower cordial that you buy from the grocery store just because I feel like they taste almost like nothing and is just sweet. But wow! This homemade elderflower cordial is really flowery and tastes delicious with some extra lemon squeezed in.

Yesterday night, the fiance's mom and I had a little flower arranging trial for the wedding. We will be ordering the wedding bouquets from my favorite florist but we thought it would be fun to do the church flowers ourselves.  I love those little raspberry colored things!

We have also been scouting locations for wedding photos. So far we are thinking of getting our pictures done at some of the botanical gardens or parks in the city. However, I also really like the raw, industrial feel of the Refshaleøen area and we might do our engagement photos out there right before the wedding. Anyone have any suggestions for rainy day photos? Just in case it does rain!

So that is my life lately! Wedding everything.

How are you? What have you been up to?


  1. For a rainy day shoot, there's a palm house at the botanical gardens. I remember seeing some beautiful wedding photos somewhere that were taken there, but I can't find the site anymore... here are some other pictures:
    Happy planning!

    1. I totally agree! It's amazing in there! :) Hope to go get some pictures there rain or shine! Happy Monday!