Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Naked Chocolate Cake with Summer Berries

It had been awhile since I've baked a cake with buttercream frosting. Sometimes you just want a really good piece of chocolate cake (or sometimes your pavlova layers get burnt in the oven and you need a quick go to recipe to whip up a birthday cake for a friend that evening)!

I turned to my trusty chocolate cupcake recipe for this cake. I doubled Sweetapolita's Classic (One Bowl) Chocolate Cupcake recipe to make two 8-inch cake layers. I wanted the naked cake look so I just made one batch of Sweetapolita's Chocolate Cloud Frosting. I frosted the top of the bottom layer with a thick layer of buttercream before scattering some fresh raspberries and little Danish strawberries over the frosting. I then stacked the top layer of the cake on and spread the rest of the frosting and piled on more berries. This cake stayed moist for days. I stored it in the fridge after serving it on Monday night because it has been so hot here and the frosting would not have held up in the heat. The cake was still moist when I enjoyed the last slice today! This recipe is one of my favorites and super easy to whip up. Definitely save this one for that day when your chocolate cake craving strikes!

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