Sunday, July 13, 2014


My youngest sister has been in town and I have been slowly taking her around to some of my favorite places in Copenhagen and we also did a little day trip to Lund and Malmö this last week as well. Of course we had cake at Strangas, cinnamon buns at St. Jakobs, and chased sunsets after having ice cream at Ismageriet. We also visited my old university campus in Lund, checked out some of the more modern architecture in Copenhagen, and of course did some more shopping in the city. The rest of my family and friends are flying in this week for our wedding on Saturday! There's still a few things to tie up with wedding planning, there will be lots of trips to the airport this week, and most importantly, lots of friends and family to catch up with! It is going to be a busy week but one of the best ever I am sure!

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