Monday, August 18, 2014

A Little Visit to Fuglebjerggaard

After our week in Spain, the husband still had a week off before returning to work at the beginning of August. We spent a few days in Copenhagen meeting up with my family again before they took off for different parts of the world. After my parents and sisters left, we drove up to the northern part of Zealand and stayed at my in-laws' summer house for a long weekend. Having driven past quite a few farms, I wanted to see if we could visit one and buy fresh vegetables or eggs or something. So I did a little search for a "gårdbutik" or a farm shop, and found Fuglebjerggaard

Fuglebjerggard is located in Helsinge just a little drive away from Copenhagen. It is actually owned by Camilla Plum, a Danish cookbook author. I had checked their website before going there and knew that you could pick your own fruit, depending on what was in season, and that they had a store and a cafe there. I mostly wanted to pick our own fruit!

We got to Fuglebjerggard at around 10:30 on a Saturday morning and set out to pluck some berries. Fuglebjerggard has a special section just for visitors to pluck (and pay for) their own fruit. While we were there, they mainly had some red and white currants as well as some gooseberries. There wasn't a lot of fruit left for us to pick, so next year we know to go a little bit earlier n July. In the fall though they will have lots of apples. We walked past rows of apple trees before getting to the berries.

We paid for our berries and then bought some chili seeds in their shop (to plant our own little chili plants) before heading to their cafe for some coffee and cake. The farm is a really great place for the family to go and visit on the weekend. You can wander through Camilla's gardens and see all the different organic fruits and vegetables she is growing. You can also buy many different seeds in her shop if you would like to plant your own veggies. They also serve homemade food with homegrown vegetables from their own farm at the cafe. I'm really looking forward to going again next summer and picking more berries! Going strawberry picking is a pretty common thing at home so I've been really wanting to do that here in Denmark. We missed it this season but will hopefully get to it next summer!

Hemmingstrupvej 8
3200 Helsinge

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