Saturday, December 6, 2014


I celebrated my 26th birthday this past week. My birthday was on the 1st so we invited some of our closest friends here over for some cake and bubbles. I made my favorite devil's food chocolate cake filled with a white chocolate raspberry ganache and topped it with my favorite chocolate cloud frosting. There were macarons and cookies too! (By the way, macaron success! I tried making macarons for the first time following Strangas' recipe and they turned out great!) It was a super low key get together on Sunday afternoon. I just wanted to see everyone and have lots of sweets for everyone to enjoy! The husband and I also had dinner at Kødbyens Fiskebar that night as our own little birthday date. I'll have to post about that separately, but oh my goodness, amazing dishes! Seriously, I love seafood and they take it to a whole other level.

We also celebrated with the in-laws on Monday, the actual day of my birthday. I also got a bouquet of flowers at work which was a nice surprise! For dinner we had some more seafood, surprise surprise! We made this scallop and pea starter and had a more Chinese style baked cod dish for dinner (side note, I follow the recipe for the fish and ingredients but cook the veggies separately and instead of baking it with the fish).

It was a great birthday spent with my closest friends and family here in Copenhagen and I got spoiled by everyone and all their gifts! After a busy week, we've got an even busier weekend! Have a great one everyone!

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