Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The past two weekends have been full of friends, sunshine and food! Things I have been enjoying lately:

The morning light in our room.

This delicious Moroccan inspired vegetarian dish for brunch at Kalaset. That and a spicy chai is a nice spin on the usual brunch/breakfast food!

New little succulent plants.

I love avocado everything and we've just started experimenting with them in our smoothies! Love the extra creaminess it adds and the nutritional factors are a big plus.

We finally tried Tapa del Toro, the little tapas restaurant/stand at Torvehallerne, on Sunday. I saw calamari on their menu and I just had to have it! Normally it is packed but we just got there after a rush so we got seats up at the bar. Reminded me of our honeymoon in Spain! Seriously though, really good calamari and the medister dish was delicious!

What are you enjoying these days?


  1. I enjoy your snapchat pictures of your amazing smoothies.. Makes me hungry and jealous;)

  2. Avocado smoothie / juice is very common in my country. You drink it with chocolate sauce on top