Thursday, January 22, 2015

Miss You

My all-time top post here is this one on losing friends while living abroad. So sad right!  There was a positive side to that post though! Maybe this is part two? Who knows but these are my thoughts on friendships lately.

I wanted to say how awesome and truly wonderful it was to see some of my favorite and closest friends from home while we were in Vancouver this Christmas. And honestly, leaving Vancouver this time was way harder than any other time.

Being able to spend time people who have known me for years, having relationships that have not changed, where you can just pick up where you last left off, that was just the best. Truly the best. Friendships where things are so familiar, so comfortable, so at ease and laid back. When there's no need to impress anyone or having to stay on guard a bit. I miss those friendships, big time. And it's not only like this with friends from Vancouver, I feel the same way with my friends in other cities and countries and parts of the world. 

Having lived in Copenhagen for 2+ years now, I have a good little group of girl friends and some friends I met through the husband. It has been so easy to click and connect with my girl friends because we're basically in the same situation (eh-hem married to Danes) but I still find that the relationships I have with some of the husbands friends is not the same as the ones I've had with my friends at home. We all laugh and joke and have a good time but that sense of truly knowing someone isn't always there. It is much harder to get real with people. Maybe it's because I haven't known people for as long, but perhaps people here are more guarded as well. More careful about how much they reveal about themselves. I guess that's the same with me in the same way. There's a lot our friends don't see or realize about my life in Denmark and all of its challenges. I don't know. What have your observations in Denmark or abroad been? 

I have been so lucky to get to see so many of my friends from different parts of my life this year with the wedding and going to Vancouver last month. And writing this post makes me miss people more so I'm just going to wrap it up here! Seriously though, love you guys! 


  1. Beautifully written Karen! So glad to hear you're doing well;) this might seem like a random post from me hehe but just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I admire you for being courageous and brave as you are on this exciting adventure away from home. Though home is actually two places now:) loving your blog by the way too! Hope to come to Denmark one day:)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Jessica! It means a lot :) If you ever visit, let me know!

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