Monday, February 9, 2015

Cookies from Leckerbaer

Having seen photos of Leckerbaer's pretty little cookies on Instagram, a visit to Leckerbaer has been on my list of things to do the past few weeks. After having brunch at a friend's place in Østerbro on Saturday, the husband and I stopped by Leckerbaer for some cookies on our way home.

The Leckerbaer shop is located on Ryesgade and before even walking into the little shop and cafe, there are huge windows looking into their bakery. It is always so nice to be able to see how things are made and I thought that was a great touch to their store. Although they primarily sell cookies, Leckerbaer also offers coffee and other drinks as well as having some seating inside for those who want to sit, catch up with friends and stay awhile.

The husband and I bought a small box of their cookies and we went with their combo of eight cookies. You can read about their eight classic cookies on their website. They were all so pretty and I love their simple decorating style. Although all eight cookies were good, I had two favorites. First is the Milk cookie, which tasted like a grown-up Oreo and had an intense cocoa flavor, and then there was the Mandarin cookie, which was a little almond like cake with a mandarin filling and a lovely chewy meringue on top. They were all delicious though and I really enjoyed the mix of chocolate, fruity, sweet, and sour in the box of cookies.

Besides these eight cookies, Leckerbaer also sells larger chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs, and sweets like caramels or nougat candies. There is definitely something for everyone at Leckerbaer! I think I like them even more because they offer something so simple but so different from all of the other bakeries and cake shops in town. If you are looking for some beautiful and tasty cookies, you need to check out Leckerbaer!

Ryesgade 118
Copenhagen Ø

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  1. These cookies look amazing!!! That's great that they taste as good as they look. Definitely worth a trip to Østerbro!