Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take Me Back

The husband and I took a little 5 day trip to London last week! We got back super early Monday morning just in time for the work week. I have flown through London many times but have never visited, crazy right! I mean, I have lived in Europe for 4+ years now...So, it was about time I paid London a little visit. I have heard so many great things about the city and how everyone loves it so I just had a feeling that I would really like London. And as I had hoped and sort of expected, I totally loved London!

Seriously, how can I get back there? There's just something about big cities. I love the busyness, the opportunities and the options. And I especially loved how dynamic and diverse London was. I am totally honest when I tell the husband he can totally transfer internally within his company and get a job at their offices in London.

And as with all of our trips, we mostly wandered around the different neighborhoods, stopped at cafes, met up with some friends, shopped, and ate. We ate so much food and all of it was delicious. A London food post is coming your way!

Seriously, just take me back to London already!

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