Monday, April 27, 2015

Mini Getaway to Brussels

I was in Brussels for work Thursday and Friday last week and although I was there last November for work, I didn't really get to see any of the city. So when my work event coincided with the weekend, the husband and I took the opportunity to make a little trip out of it! I think people have a love/hate relationship with Brussels. A lot of the people I know come to Brussels for work and literally fly in and then fly out again so the city isn't necessarily associated with fun for them. But then there are those who love Brussels and all it offers...

The husband flew to Brussels on Friday afternoon and we flew home late last night. It was nice to do something different than what we "normally" do on the weekend in Copenhagen. It felt like a mini vacation getting to stay in a hotel, eat out every night, and just wander around with no real schedule or plan.

Brussels is an interesting city not only because of its mix in culture and languages, but also because it is sort of the capital of the European Union. A large part of the city is dominated by the European Parliament and the European Commission, and then another part of the city is very Parisian feeling with beautiful old buildings and grand parks. Brussels also has a very playful side, being the home of many different cartoons and comics for example. And then there is their awesome food! From amazing chocolate to mastering a staple like fries, the food there is simple but they totally master it.

Brussels is a charming city full of great food and an interesting mix of cultures. I don't know if I would go there for an actual holiday, but it is a quirky little city and it was a great place for a mini weekend getaway!


  1. That looks lovely! I haven't been to Brussels for leisure, but after seeing your waffles picture on Instagram, it just moved way up the list! :)

    1. Hopefully next time you're there for work, it can turn into leisure too! :) And Brussels is the perfect place for carb lovers ;)