Saturday, May 2, 2015

All my Favorites in Brussels

Seriously, the food in Brussels features everything that I love. Potatoes in different forms, check, seafood, check, and chocolate and pastries, check! Here are some of the things we ate in Brussels and places we would recommend if you ever find yourself there!

1. A little afternoon seafood snack at La Mer du Nord.

2. Belgian fries at Frit Flagey.

3. A Belgian staple, stoemp and sausage, with a modern twist at Madame Chapeau.

4. Of course we had to enjoy some pastries and Pierre Marcolini masters that as well!

5. A trip to Brussels wouldn't be complete with Moules Frites (or bouillabaisse for the husband)! We had dinner at La Boussole and it was the best. Great service, the seafood was fresh and cooked to perfection, and the prices were very reasonable. I loved our dinner there so much I wanted to go back to the same place the next day!

6. A quick coffee and light lunch at Jat. A modern, yet funky and a little retro cafe that was packed when we were there!

7. We had the richest hot chocolates ever at Salon du Chocolat inside Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. Perfect for those who love dark chocolate!

I hope this mini guide will help you the next time you are in Brussels! Happy weekend!

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