Friday, February 19, 2016

24 Weeks

Wow! I feel like I/the baby has grown a lot in the last four weeks. I finished working at the end of January (I was on a contract) and I wasn't showing so much, but now I feel like I am huge! I can still fit into some of my jeans but I may need to invest in some new gym tights and some longer tops soon.

How far along are you? 24 weeks

Sleep: I am used to sleeping on my side so that hasn't been a problem. I am sleeping through the night again which is great! Getting up around 6:15 or so which is pretty normal for me.

Movement: The baby is rolling around and jabbing me at all times of the day now! She is getting stronger and sometimes if I poke and prod a bit, I can sort of feel where she is lying inside.

Favorite moment: When we actually saw my stomach bounce from her kicking (or punching)!

Cravings: No real cravings still! I have been loving pineapple this week though.

Looking forward to: Buying and making some new things for the baby! We bought her a little onesie and a little jean dress the other week. I've been eyeing some little mocks from minimocks and minimoc.  I'm also planning on making a little tassle mobile for her room one of these days.

Changes to the home: The husband and I have started purging our closet. We have a walk-in closet that we will turn into a mini baby room so we need to downsize a bit and in the next few months and move the actual closet into our bedroom.

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