Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Boy or Girl?

At our 20 week scan (almost a month ago now), we got to see our little baby again! We found out what the gender of the baby is, and more importantly, they checked that the baby was developing and growing as they should and they are!

Last Friday, the husband and I made a little gender reveal announcement, and here it is!

I was not expecting to have a girl at all! We have a few friends are also having babies this spring, and they are having girls. The husband's cousins had little girls last year as well. And a bunch of people on Facebook were also having girls. So I pretty much concluded that because everyone else was having a girl, that we would probably be having a boy! I come from a family of all girls so I had no idea how it would be with a boy, but I had come to think of the baby as a boy and had begun to think of different names and had started using my favorite name on the baby. But nope! I wasn't shocked at the scan, just surprised that it wasn't a boy and that we were actually having a girl! I secretly love all the baby girl fashion so this was a welcome surprise and the husband secretly wished for a girl too. He even asked the midwife at the scan if she was totally sure the baby was a girl and not a boy!

We can't wait to meet this little girl! She is getting bigger (as in I am getting bigger) and more active with each day. I am a little over 23 weeks today so there is still quite a ways to go but we're starting to pick out little clothes and decor items for her!

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