Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dinner at 108

Last week, the husband and I had dinner at 108's pop-up at noma. I follow Rene Redzepi on Instagram so when he put up a post saying that reservations were open for 108, I jumped online right away and booked the husband and I a table as a Valentine's gift.

Like many restaurants in Copenhagen, 108 has a Danish/nordic inspired menu. They source local ingredients and cook in an innovative/new way. I am no food critic but I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at 108. I wasn't floored or totally blown away, but I left full and happy. I ate and tried things I normally wouldn't and was pleasantly surprised that I liked the different flavor combinations and all these new ingredients.

So! Here is a little list of what we had. The two of us shared most of the dishes but the husband and I do have slightly different tastes so some of the dishes were just for him.

- Lumpfish roe with green strawberries and hip berries
- Salt baked celeriac with hay cheese
- Veal sweetbread with a salad of sorrel
- Linseed pie with braised sunflower seeds and cauliflower in truffle cream
- Cured squid in bacon broth and served with mirabelle plums
- Roasted chicken with karl johan mushrooms
- Sweet sweet potatoes with caramelized and crispy sweet potatoes, egg cream, and yuzu granita
- Preserved rosehips with caramel and vinegar

A little recap/some thoughts on the dishes we ate...We both really enjoyed the baked celeriac. It had a nice tangy flavor and the hay cheese (which I was scared of) was very subtle. It was served with a bit of a cream sauce and the whole dish was just lovely! I think truffle can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but the linseed pie was delicious. The flavors were strong but everything went well together and it was very filling. I love seafood so I had to try the squid. It was so fun because the squid looked like cooked rice noodles! The bacon broth was very mild so we could still taste the seafood flavor of the squid. It wasn't an amazing dish but it was good. I mean, I like squid and bacon so you can't go too wrong! I will say that we didn't really taste the plums though. I don't have a picture of the roasted chicken but this was a good dish as well. The chicken was roasted perfectly and the dish was covered in mushrooms and had a lovely earthy taste. The best part though was the surprise crunchy bits of chicken skin in there! And of course we had to have two desserts. Dessert is always the most important course. To us, the rosehip dish was a bit more interesting and unique compared to the sweet potato one. I haven't had rosehip before and there was a lovely flowery and tangy flavor in the granita. But all in all, both desserts were a real treat!

The service at 108 was great and like I said, we had a lovely evening and we enjoyed the different dishes that we had. It's always fun to try new restaurants and I am sure 108 will be a great success in Copenhagen when they open at their own location! 108's pop-up at noma goes until mid-April but if you haven't made a reservation, they do have a few spots for walk-ins (which is so rare in Copenhagen), so pay them a little visit if you're interested!

Have you tried 108? What did you think?

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