Saturday, March 19, 2016

28 Weeks

Yay! We are officially in the third trimester now. It feels like it has taken a long time to get here and I still have just under three months to go. I do hope this little baby comes out a bit before the full 40 weeks. Anything after 37 weeks is good with me!

How far along are you? 28 weeks +1 day

Sleep: I am still sleeping through the night and am enjoying it while I can. They say it is common to have pregnancy insomnia so I hope that doesn't come on in these last few months.

Movement: The baby is still kicking and punching, but she has has also slowed down a bit and has been more rolling around this past week. Maybe it's cause space is getting tighter in there? It's a weird feeling when you feel a person rolling inside of your stomach though.

Favorite moment: I don't think I have a favorite moment from this past week. In general, I've had it pretty easy where most days the pregnancy hasn't gotten in the way of my "everyday" routine or life. I'm going to the gym and doing TRX twice a week, going for walks everyday, and I will be doing a 4 week internship in April. I am slower going up the stairs to our apartment and I am getting a bit tired in the evenings again, but nothing crazy.

Cravings: Still no cravings. Just trying to eat as healthy as possible while still indulging in some treats.

Looking forward to: Our hypnobirthing class at the beginning of April. I know labor and giving birth is painful, but I've been reading Ina May Gaskin's book "Guide to Childbirth" and we've signed up for a hypnobirthing class at Jordemoderhuset so I hope by preparing myself and learning some coping techniques, it won't be so bad.

Changes to the home: The baby has their own "room"! Last weekend the husband and a friend moved the shelves from our walk-in closet into our bedroom so the baby's room is all clear. Next up is to do some painting, and to buy a changing table, crib, and a buggy!

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